Vill-Chharkatola, Sahabajpur,
Kaliachak, Malda, 732201

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About An-Najaat Academy

An-Najaat Academy is being run by NAJAAT TRUST, New Market, Kaliachak, Malda. This trust has aimed to uplift the socio-economic and educational conditions of the under-privileged area. Out of its multifarious activities to provide and spread quality education in this economically & educationally backward area the Najaat Trust established AN-NAJAAT ACADEMY in 2009 with a firstful number of students. Now in 2024 An-Najaat Academy is an educational hub of nearly 500 students.

The motto of this academy is to find out and teach & train students so that they become meitorious and good & responsible citizens of the Nation.






What Students Say


Masikur Rahman


I am an alumnus of An-Najaat Academy. This institution holds a special place in my heart, primarily because it extends a helping hand to students from underprivileged backgrounds while nurturing their faith through Islamic education.


Sultan Salauddin


This institution goes beyond academic molding, instilling deep values, particularly in its enriching Islamic environment. Academy's legacy speaks for itself, consistently producing well-rounded students of academic excellence and moral integrity.


Jena Karlis


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Priya Sen


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Admission Enquiry

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